New life in Christ

We rejoice with you at the birth of your child. If you are considering having your child baptised at Queen’s Cross, we will happily provide a place of love and welcome. Baptism allows the church to publicly welcome the person being baptised into God’s family. We believe that it is through being baptised that people are part of the worldwide church. We often talk about people becoming members of the church of Jesus Christ during a Baptism service. Baptism, we believe, is the sign of ‘dying’ to our old lives and ‘rising to new life in Christ’. We pour water on the head of the person to be baptised symbolising the washing away of the old life, and the rising to new in Jesus.

In the Church of Scotland we practise 'infant baptism', meaning that we baptise children as well as adults. We want to emphasise that God first loves us through the act of baptism. When we baptise a child we are asserting the fact that even before we are ever aware of it, God loves us. His grace extends to us all, no matter our age or understanding.

If you’d like to find out more about Baptism, please contact the church office.