The Sanctuary

Booking the Sanctuary

Capacity: 400 people

Dimensions: 18m80 x 17m (319.6 sq m)

In 1999, major internal changes were carried out within the Sanctuary of Queen’s Cross Church with the purpose of creating a more flexible space to serve the wider community and provide a venue with a difference for conferences and the performing arts. The refurbishment was undertaken to a high standard and offers the following facilities:

  • an entertainment licence allows a seating capacity of up to 380 people, including up to 180 at lower floor level
  • standard carpeted platform which is well suited to conference use and other smaller events
  • the options of a fully demountable beech stage which can be erected over the standard platform in varying configurations to accommodate an orchestra, chorus and drama productions or even a cat-walk for fashion shows
  • a high quality speech reinforcement system with radio and stand microphones
  • stage lighting and lighting desk
  • large pipe organ and 7ft 6in Yamaha grand piano 

Professional audio visual system

In 2014, a new audio visual system consisting of three big screens and a professional surrounded sound system was installed, providing a theatrical experience at high standards. To learn more about the detailed components of the Audio Visual system, please download the specifications here.

What has the Sanctuary been used for up to now?

Since the refurbishment in 1999, our Sanctuary has been regularly used for big concerts, small recitals, art exhibitions, business gatherings, BBC Radio programs, fashion shows and other events, including performances hosted by Aberdeen International Youth Festival and Scottish Ensemble.

Santuary Plan with Top floor   Santuary ground floor  

Sanctuary floor plans: Top floor and ground floor with staging up.

Our beech coloured staging can be erected over our chancel platform in various layouts suitable for music or drama performances, or as a catwalk. It is not however, suitable for dance use.