Church Membership

Finding Your Place at Queen's Cross


Belonging is important to us at Queen’s Cross – we want people to feel like they belong in our congregation and are at home. This can be through being an adherent of the congregation or as a member. Please know that you can be involved in Queen’s Cross and its life in the wider Aberdeen community any way you wish.

If you want to deepen your commitment - consider membership of the congregation and also of the wider Church of Scotland. The members of the church embody the church (just as your hands, feet and head embody you). Without these different members, coming with all kinds of backgrounds, talents and gifts, there would be no church, and no Queen’s Cross.

Membership in the church is a symbol of your commitment to Jesus' call to follow him. It is an affirmation that you are going to try, with God's help, to play your full part in building a community (within the church and outside the church) that is shaped by the gracious, open, hospitable love that Jesus shows to us.

Membership also means that you can fully play your part in the decision-making processes of the church, including the ability to vote in church meetings and the possibility of ordination to the eldership. You do not, however, need to be a member in order to worship or share in Holy Communion

If you are interested in making that further step in your faith commitment in church membership please contact the church office or Rev Scott Rennie to find out when the next Membership Course is taking place. These provide an opportunity to chat about faith, God and the commitment of church membership.