Values and Beliefs



An affirming and welcoming church, Queen’s Cross Parish Church is part of the Church of Scotland, which acknowledges its distinctive call and duty to bring the ordinances of religion to the people of every parish of Scotland through a territorial ministry. As well as having a particular concern for our local parish; we welcome and gather people from across the city and region to join with us in our common journey of faith.


Here at Queen’s Cross, we believe in thinking through our faith and its impact on the world around us. Our tradition of strong biblical scholarship, in conversation with contemporary thought and reason, is important to us. We are not afraid to think outside the box, and our story is one of faith seeking understanding. If you come to Queen’s Cross, we won’t ask you to leave your brain at the front door, but will encourage you to bring it in and to engage.


Faith is a journey of discovery and rather than thinking that we can only have faith within certain tram lines of dogma, we believe in setting people free to explore different ideas and opportunities; to see where faith in Jesus Christ and his way of life takes us. Through different opportunities for reflection, action, and service, we encourage everyone in our congregation to see where their faith journey will take them and us.


Together at Queen’s Cross, we hope to grow as people – in our humanity, in our love for others, and in our relationship with God. All three matter and go hand in hand. We hope Queen’s Cross can be a place of learning and growth for you. We try to grow through our service to our community, through worship and study together, and through the friendships that we share.


We believe life is all about connecting – with God and with others. And we believe that God welcomes all. If you come to Queen’s Cross, we hope you will make connections with new people, joining together on a spiritual search. When you come along, you will receive not only a welcome but make friends who will last a lifetime.

When speaking about connecting, we not only connect within the walls of the church building, but also strive to be an active and engaged presence in the greater Aberdeen community. To learn more about the areas we serve, please see the Organisations and Partners pages.