Finance Manager

Euan Thompson

As the son of a Press Journalist/ Photographer father and a Mathematician mother, my siblings and myself had an interesting, if not at sometimes a nomadic upbringing but never a boring one. Such occasions as meeting Princess Margaret on the top deck of a private yacht with armed security, whilst my father interviewed her over her recent separation with Lord Snowdon or bumping into and being greeted as old friends by Lulu on Buchanan Street, Glasgow was considered as the norm and it was only in later life I realised the significance nor how special these numerous occasions were. From being born in Dumfries, I have also lived in Suffolk, Essex, Angus, Ayrshire. Studying at University of Aberdeen, I settled in Aberdeen and consider Aberdeen to be my home although my family are wide spread away from Scotland now. Reading Land Economy, I graduated in 1993, just as the property market crashed, not the best time to graduate as a property surveyor! After trying my hand at various alternative career paths I ended up working in Contract Catering. For many years I considered this to be a just a job not a career choice, however as I progressed up through catering management, I realised this was my career albeit by default. Working in Aberdeen it was inevitable that I was to become Catering Manager in an Oil Company or an Oil related Company, which I did.

My interest in property has never left me and therefore over the years I acquired a small property portfolio – my pension fund. Whilst enjoying a semi retired status, the position of Business Development Manager was brought to my attention, and it was agreed that Queen’s Cross Church would like my input. What a privilege to be involved in such an exciting and rewarding project that could mould the future and secure the sustainability of Queen’s Cross Church.

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