Bookings Coordinator

Marina Vega

Born in the north of Spain, Marina Vega has been travelling around the world since the age of 24. After finishing a Degree in Advertising and Communication in her hometown, she went to Paris to study a Postgraduate in Cinema and Audio-Visual Communication. She met there her future husband and her nomad life started. From Aberdeen, UK, to Douala, Cameroon, she tried to make the best of each experience and learn as much as possible of each culture. Since her graduation, she has worked in different positions in communication and advertising agencies around the world. After a first experience in Scotland 15 years ago, Marina came back to Aberdeen in 2009, and this time to settle down for the best.

Apart from dealing with the hall lets and assisting in the organisation of events at Queen’s Cross, Marina is happy to put her input in communication actions whenever is needed. Always delighted to assist the others, she likes the infinite possibilities of development of her position and loves the progressiveness of the Queen’s Cross Parish and the warmth of its people.

As her life journey suggests, Marina loves travelling and discovering new cultures and she speaks Spanish, French and English. She is also passionate about cinema, photography and reading.

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