Our Facilities


Capacity: 100 people

Dimensions: 8m30 x 15m (124.5 sq m)

Description: This is a spacious hall with a wooden floor and a small raised stage. The hall can be used as an open space, but tables and chairs can be arranged to create a more formal space. The Main Hall has a hatch that directly connects to a catering style Kitchen, which can be hired for an extra charge. Some of the examples of the activities being held in this hall are cubs and scouts gatherings, lunch and dinner events, badminton club evenings, bowlers meetings and theatre classes.


Capacity: 50 people

Dimensions: 10m x 5m25 (52.5 sq m)

Description: This is a spacious and quiet hall situated close to the main entrance. It can be used for different purposes: from meetings to exercise or yoga classes. Folding tables can be brought in if required. Because of its closeness to the main Sanctuary, it is also very often used as a dressing room when big performances takes place in the main church.

LOUNGE (with an adjacent kitchenette)

Capacity: 50 people (Standing Reception)/ 40 people (Seated Reception)

Dimensions: 6m70 x 8m70 (58.29 Sq m)

Description: The Lounge is a flexible and multipurpose space with large windows overlooking Albyn Place. This spacious bright room is decorated with low coffee tables and chairs, making it ideal for informal gatherings during the day. These tables can be pushed away to create a more fluent space if necessary.

With access to a little adjacent kitchenette, this room is perfect for receptions offering tea and coffee facilities. Our projector and portable screen are also often used at this space for showcasing different presentations and/or for master classes.



Capacity: 10/12 people

Dimensions: 3m85 x 5m (19.25 sq m)

Description: The Committee Room hosts up to 12 people. With a table and a whiteboard, it is ideal for Committee meetings or master classes for small groups.


Capacity: 30 people (Standing Reception)/ 12p (Seated)

Dimensions: 6m x 4m30 (25.8 sq m)

Description: The Offstage Room is a spacious and bright meeting room situated at the back of the Main Hall. With a large table at its centre, it is a perfect room to hold meetings hosting up to 12 people. The table can be put aside to receive up to 35 people if necessary.


Capacity: 50 people

Dimensions: 8m75 x 7m60 (66.5 sq m)

Description: The Upstairs Hall is a spacious and quiet room at the first floor of the building (not easily accessible to disabled people). It could be used as an open space (i.e. for exercise classes) or as a more structured space with chairs and tables (for informal meetings). There is a small kitchenette adjacent which can be used, free of charge, if needed.